BA Art, Westminster College

BS MKTG, Westminster College



Art has played an integral role throughout life. Having a sister who is an artist and supportive parents is extremely beneficial. I remember being exposed to art as a child in elementary school and visiting the National Gallery like it was the mall. I even was excused from school, purportedly sick, to see art exhibitions. The next big influence came after a dramatic move to Switzerland. This meant access to many famous museums across the continent. Art became more important during high school, where the frustrations of teenage life found their outlet on canvas.

Upon graduation from high school, chance brought me to Utah, and then to Westminster College, where I immediately enrolled in art classes. Don Doxey, the painting chair, played an enormous role in my development. As a Western realist, Don opened new perspectives for my art, which at the time was very abstract. Another great influence came after Don retired in the form of Craig Glidden, a completely different, yet brilliant, artist and teacher. As of 2013, I relocated to Seattle, WA for my studio and residence.

Simultaneously, I was searching for a support giving me the opportunity to develop art. Dual bachelor degrees in both art and marketing resulted. The realization that the mainstream business world was not going to be my area of operation came late as I was finishing my second degree. In fact, a business professor inspired me to return to my heart. One day, this professor was relating a story of a student who, in her esteem belonged writing poetry, not being a business student. It was easy to see that being myself. As a result, I evolved into a graphic designer, which adds balance to my art and is the vehicle to maintain myself as an artist. The art is a welcome replenishment to my creative pool.